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Supernatural!Super Junior AU

we're all going to hell together

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Archive for fanfiction written in the Supernatural!Super Junior AU (with cameo appearances by DBSK), crackchild of wordshapes and erudire. Somehow, figletofvenice got sucked into it too (damn car!Hannie). I would be most gleeful if anybody else decided they wanted to fuck around in it too. Very, very vaguely follows Supernatural canon. Sometimes.


Currently written:

x Dean Winchester ⇒ Heechul
x Sam Winchester ⇒ Shiwon
x Papa John Winchester ⇒ Kangin
x The Metallicar ⇒ Hankyung
x THE DEMON ⇒ Eeteuk
x Meg ⇒ Kyuhyun
x Daevas ⇒ Yehsung/Ryeowook
x Shapeshifter ⇒ Sungmin
x Vampire ⇒ Kibum
x Jess/Reaper/Shapeshifter/??? ⇒ Donghae
x Crossroads!Demon ⇒ Xiah
x Crossroads!Demon's Hellhound ⇒ Changmin
x Jo ⇒ Jaejoong
x Ellen ⇒ Yunho
x Ash ⇒ Max
x Druggie (AU) ⇒ Yunho
x Psychic Twins ⇒ Junsu/Hyukjae
x H. H. Holmes (in 2x06 "No Exit") ⇒ Yoochun

*Note that AU characters do not necessarily have a Supernatural canon equivalent, and there are various incarnations of these characters, depending on who's writing them and in what story.

... Damn this is one messed up AU.
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