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willing sacrifice
donghae/sungmin, shiwon/donghae, shiwon/junsu.
in response to addandsubtract's under your skin. ♥ why is sjn so addictive in it's absolute wrong?

You ran, pretty one.
broken objects
kihyun/eeteuk, kihyun/sungmin, kihyun/heechul, kihyun/kibum
sjn au of weird? i have no idea.
kihyun: the bank shifter. (so basically, he's a better shifter than sungmin, and instead of shifting for the sake of being another body, he uses shifting to look inside other people's memories.)

You know his name is Eeteuk, that he's older than anything you've ever called before, but you also know, he has a weakness.
I wrote this a while back, but I don't think I ever posted it. Also, I'm really really sorry haemuffin, I moved all the sjn to my new fic lj, so all the links have changed. *shot* you could just add a note at the bottom that they can all be found here.

learning curve
donghae/kyuhyun, eeteuk/donghae

"Hey," Kyuhyun says softly, "kiss me."
After the End
Sujunatural (Hannie/Xiah, Hannie/Heechul)
3,538 words. R-ish. Second person. Comes after Overexposure, which I, at least, have taken as an ending, if not the ending.

“You made yourself wrong,” Xiah says, after two hours of silence. “You made yourself a hole that needs filling, a need almost bottomless, and how could anyone hope to fill it?”
I'm a little bit late to the party, but, y'know, anything for my kou-darling! so, for her: min!torture, specially delivered. ♥

the first rule of
kyuhyun/sungmin(/donghae). hard r.

Does he think you're beautiful?Collapse )
I don't know if this will fit in anywhere, but a bit of fun, inspired by wishpaper's Kyuhyun. XD.


Donghae holds the thought of nothing in his mouth, the thought of shadow and wind and the feel of falling from a cliff. His flesh blurs and twists, and when he opens his eyes, everything looks like a dream, soft and smooth and there are no walls or corners to stop him.

"Hello," Yehsung says, hello, and Donghae tries to back up, but he isn't sure how to move, and ends up falling, unable to stop moving.

Stop, Yehsung says, and slams into him, but there's no feeling, just the sense of someone else, some other conscious inside him. Interesting, Yehsung whispers, and Donghae feels him move, showing Donghae how to move.

"T-thanks," Donghae says, shifting back into his own body, solid flesh and bone and pain when he hits the floor.

Play again? Yehsung asks, touching a hand to Donghae's cheek, and Donghae feels the sharp edges, the slice of air just missing cutting a line into his flesh.